A POSTCARD FOR MELLA, words of Beauty

My name is Mella. I am a teacher and poetry searcher. I live by the sea in the south of Italy.

Two month ago I had mastectomy surgery and I will start chemotherapy shortly.
Everybody tells me I’m a brave woman. I don’t know, there are days when everything seems so difficult and I get discouraged.
Poetry – and especially the Caviardage method – helps me a lot, but there are times when I don’t have the strength and don’t want to write and I am unable to see the beauty I have always searched in everything.

Sometimes even sharing this feeling with those I love and are close to me is hard.
I miss my job, my students and colleagues, the train… I miss my life.
I spoke with my friend Tina Festa of how I feel and how I would like to find a meaning in all this.
We thought it would be wonderful to receive postcards of encouragement from all over the world. So this “competition notice” was set up with the idea of filling my coming days with beauty and of being helpful to lots of other women who are in my same situation.

A POSTCARD FOR MELLA – words of Beauty

The event involves the creation of postcards with the following features:
⁃ Free support and technique
– Maximum size 21 x 30 cm
– Free subject (relating to the title of the competition)
⁃ Postacards must be sent by regular, duly-stamped post, also in envelopes.

All works must be sent complete with name, surname and e-mail address on the back of the postcard.
You can also write a personal message for Mella.
Also accepted (and much appreciated) works made in class or by individual students are.

Expiration date: 31st December 2017.
Send to:
Mella Sciancalepore
Vico Cacamece, 11
70043 Monopoli (Bari)

All postcards will be posted on my blog.
Some postcards will be chosen to be reproduced and published to raise funds for charity purposes.
Participation to the competion is subject to acceptance of the regulation and waiver of any copywright.